eng. Borislav Hristov Dimitrov Ph.D.

Borislav Hristov Dimitrov

Country: Bulgaria
City: Varna
Work: Technical University of Varna, assistant
Studentska str. 1, Electrical Engineering faculty, office 832E.
mail: bdimitrov@processmodeling.org
Education and training:
Technical University of Varna - 2000, Ph.D. - 2005

Fields of teaching activities:
        Thermal Processes in Electrical Engineering
        Electro Resistance and Induction Furnace
        Electrical Apparatus
        Renewable Energy Resources
        Wind and Solar Power Systems

Fields of research activities:
        Electrothermal devices - electrical resistance furnaces
        with periodical action (chamber and shaft)
        Induction Heating Systems

Other scientific interests:
        Modeling methods of processes and devices:Finite Elements Methods,
        Differential Equation Systems.
        Languages and Media for programming: C/C++;
        Design and producing of control and test devices by microprocessors - PIC.

Languages: Russsian, English

Other useful information:
        Previous work in Thermal Power Plant - Varna, 1996-2006.