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ac/dc module

    AC power electromagnetics problems are common when studying motors, transformers, and conductors carrying alternating currents.
    To derive the equation system this mode solves, start with Ampere's law,


    Now assume time-harmonic fields and use the definitions of the potentials,


and combine them with the constitutive relationships B = o(H+M) and D = oE+P to rewrite Ampere's law as:

Maxwell equations

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This module solves problems in the general areas of electrostatic fields,
magnetostatic fields, and quasi-static fields

For example - find the heat distribution in a motor:
1.   first find the current in the coils using one of the
quasi-static application modes in this module,
2.   and then couple it to a heat equation in the
Heat Transfer Module.

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  Reference book: Units, Mathematics And Physical Quantities
Heat Transfer Bimetal


  Reference book: Theory Part I
HeatTransfer cable

  Reference book: Theory Part II
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Energy stored in an electromagnetic field:

  Magnetic energy in a nonmagnetic medium
  Magnetic energy stored in an inductor

contacts modeling

Study of design and technology errors in ozone generating stations

    Low volatage three phase inverter using IGBT


The paper dwells on the study of low voltage three phase inverter using IGBT, intended for AC motor drives for electric trucks. The losses in the main inverter components have been calculated as well as their dependence on the current frequency and the power factor. The test results with sinusoidal PWM are given.

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AC/DC Module. Modeling, Analysis and Design.