MatLab in example

  Functions: moviein, movie;   Animation 1
  Functions: set, drawnow;   Animation 2
  Functions: polyfit, polyval;   APROCSIM
  Functions: ode23, ode23s, ode45...;   BALL1 and BALL2
  Functions: euler;   EULER
  Functions: repmat, repmat, spdiags;   FEMODE
  Functions: interp1;   INTERPOL
  Functions: abs, sqrt, exp, cos, sin   LAMBDA
  Functions: y(0) = 0, y(11pi/2)+y'(11pi/2) = -1, -sin(x)   sinx
  Functions: 5*cos(2*t)/(t+1)^2*y(3)-y(2)-1/(3+sin(t))*y(1)+cos(t)   ODE3

  Functions: [-0.04*y(1,:)+1e4*y(2,:).*y(3,:)
        y(1,:)+y(2,:)+y(3,:)-1 ];     ROBDAE

  Functions: yp = vdp1(t,y)
      yp=[y(2);(1-y(1)^2)*y(2)-y(1)];   VANDP 1 and VANDP 2

MatCadin example

Numerical Methods:

  y'=f(x.y) - Oiler
  y'=f(x.y) - Runge-Kutta
  y''=F(x,y,z)->(z=y') - Runge-Kutta


  Scatterplots of Residuals
  Equations for Normal Plot
  Equations for the Durbin-Watson statistic
  Equations for Normal Plot
  Program for listing standardized residuals
  Program for Cook's Distance
  Prediction Interval for Multiple Regression
  Cross Validation
  Equations for listing standardized residuals
  Equations for listing Mahalanobis's Distances
  Equations for Cook's Distance
  Data Transformations
  Correcting Nonnormality
  Equations for Double Exponential Smoothing
  Equations for Forecast Errors
  Equations for Box's M Test for Equality of Variance-Covariance Matrices
  Equations for Test of Significance for Discriminant Coefficients
  Selecting a Random
  Equations for Analysis of Variance Table Multiple Regression
  Equations for Ratio to Moving Average Method of Forecasting
  Equations for Two Group Discriminant Analysis
  Equations for Smoothing with Running Medians
  Equations for Simple Logistic Regression
  Equations for Intrinsically Nonlinear Model
  Equations for Intrinsically Linear Multiplicative Model
  Equations for Polynomial Regression
  Equations for Variance Inflation Factor
  Equations for Table of Regression Coefficients
  Prediction Bands
  Equations for Analysis of Variance Table Simple Linear Regression
  Program for Cook's Distance
  Test for Possible Linearity
  Bootstrap Estimate for the Standard Error
  Confidence Interval for sigma^2
  Confidence Interval - Unknown
  Confidence Interval - Known
  Detecting Non-normality
  Pie Chart
  Non-Categorical Data
  Categorical Data

  Algebric Functions
  Bessel Functions Jn(X) - table
  Fourier series 1
  Fourier series 2
  Laplace transforms 1
  Laplace transforms 2
  Bessel Functions Integrals
  Surface Zonal Harmonics Int
  Function Derivatives
  Function Integrals

Integrals Involving:

  x = ax2 + bx+ c
  a3 +/- x3
  x1/2 = (a+bx)1/2
  x1/2 = (a+bx)1/2and u1/2 = (f+gx)1/2
  r = (x2 + a2)1/2
  s = (x2 - a2)1/2
  x1/2 = (ax2 + bx + c)1/2
  x = a + bx
  Linear Factors
  x = a2 + x2
  x = a2- x2

  Trigonometric functions
  Inverse Trigonometric Function
  Inverse Trigonometric Function - Derivates
  InverseTrigonometricFunction - Integrals(a>0)
  Exponential Function

Trigonometric Integrals Involving:

  sin(x) and cos (x)
  sin(x) and cos (a)
  sinh(x) and cosh(x)
  tanh(x) and ctnh(x)


  Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
  Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Derivates and Integral
  Elliptic Functions
  Elliptic Functions - Derivates and Integral
  Bessel Functions
  Spherical Bessel Functions
  Properties of the Derivative
  Definite Integrals Associated with Gaussian Distributions
  Definite Integrals of the Squares of Trig Functions
  First Order Non-homogeneous Differential Equation
  Indefinite Integrals of Common Algebraic Forms
  Derivatives of Common Functions
  Binomial Distribution
  Functions for Statistics
  The Gamma Function
  Indefinite Integrals of Exponents and Logs
  Indefinite Integrals of Trigonometric Functions
  Integration by Parts
  Legendre Polynomials
  Associated Legendre Functions
  Natural Log Series
  The Mean of the Binomial Distribution
  Permutations and Combinations
  Basic Probability
  Standard Deviation for Particle Position
  Stirling's Approximation for n!
  Calculators and the Gamma Function
  The Lanczos Approximation
  Stirling's Formula
  The Incomplete Gamma Function