Tcl_Alloc,  Tcl_Free,  Tcl_Realloc - allocate or free heap


       #include <tcl.h>

       char *


       char *
       Tcl_Realloc(ptr, size)


       int    size    (in)      Size in bytes of the memory block
                                to allocate.

       char   *ptr    (in)      Pointer  to  memory block to free
                                or realloc.


       These procedures provide a platform and compiler  indepen­
       dent  interface for memory allocation.  Programs that need
       to transfer ownership of memory  blocks  between  Tcl  and
       other  modules  should  use these routines rather than the
       native malloc() and free() routines provided by the C run-
       time library.

       Tcl_Alloc  returns  a  pointer to a block of at least size
       bytes suitably aligned for any use.

       Tcl_Free makes the space referred to by ptr available  for
       further allocation.

       Tcl_Realloc  changes  the  size of the block pointed to by
       ptr to size bytes and returns a pointer to the new  block.
       The contents will be unchanged up to the lesser of the new
       and old sizes.  The returned  location  may  be  different
       from ptr.


       alloc, allocation, free, malloc, memory, realloc