Tk_InternAtom, Tk_GetAtomName - manage cache of X atoms


       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_InternAtom(tkwin, name)

       char *
       Tk_GetAtomName(tkwin, atom)


       Tk_Window   tkwin    (in)      Token  for window.  Used to
                                      map atom or  name  relative
                                      to a particular display.

       char        *name    (in)      String  name for which atom
                                      is desired.

       Atom        atom     (in)      Atom for which  correspond­
                                      ing string name is desired.


       These procedures are similar to the Xlib  procedures  XIn­
       ternAtom and XGetAtomName.  Tk_InternAtom returns the atom
       identifier associated with string given by name;  the atom
       identifier  is  only valid for the display associated with
       tkwin.  Tk_GetAtomName returns the string associated  with
       atom   on   tkwin's   display.   The  string  returned  by
       Tk_GetAtomName is in Tk's storage:  the  caller  need  not
       free  this  space  when  finished with the string, and the
       caller should not modify  the  contents  of  the  returned
       string.  If there is no atom atom on tkwin's display, then
       Tk_GetAtomName returns the string ``?bad atom?''.

       Tk caches the information returned  by  Tk_InternAtom  and
       Tk_GetAtomName  so that future calls for the same informa­
       tion can be serviced from the cache without contacting the
       server.   Thus Tk_InternAtom and Tk_GetAtomName are gener­
       ally much faster than their Xlib  counterparts,  and  they
       should be used in place of the Xlib procedures.


       atom, cache, display