Tcl_PrintDouble - Convert floating value to string


       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_PrintDouble(interp, value, dst)


       Tcl_Interp   *interp   (in)      Before   Tcl   8.0,   the |
                                        tcl_precision variable in |
                                        this   interpreter   con­ |
                                        trolled  the  conversion. |
                                        As of Tcl 8.0, this argu­ |
                                        ment is ignored  and  the |
                                        conversion  is controlled |
                                        by   the    tcl_precision |
                                        variable   that   is  now |
                                        shared  by   all   inter­ |

       double       value     (in)      Floating-point  value  to
                                        be converted.

       char         *dst      (out)     Where  to  store   string
                                        representing value.  Must
                                        have  at  least  TCL_DOU­
                                        BLE_SPACE  characters  of


       Tcl_PrintDouble generates a  string  that  represents  the
       value  of  value  and  stores it in memory at the location
       given by dst.  It uses %g format to generate  the  string,
       with  one  special twist: the string is guaranteed to con­
       tain either a ``.'' or an ``e'' so that  it  doesn't  look
       like  an integer.  Where %g would generate an integer with
       no decimal point, Tcl_PrintDouble adds ``.0''.


       conversion, double-precision, floating-point, string